John F.X. Lovett, Principal


Mr. Lovett is a Principal with Preferred Health Strategies. Ltd., who brings over 30 years experience in healthcare to clients, including substantial experience in healthcare law, strategic planning, private and public reimbursement, health insurance plan operations, HMO operations and hospital administration. Mr. Lovett’s 16-year career at Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield included 11 years as the senior officer in charge of Blue Cross, Blue Shield and Medicare reimbursement for hospitals, doctors, pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

Mr. Lovett’s hospital administration experience was gained at an academic medical center where he was responsible for managed care, patient accounts, medical records, IT and the Treasury function. He was also the Senior VP of system Integration in a five-hospital, 10-entity system where he was responsible for managed care, physician integration, IT and care management.

Mr. Lovett’s consulting engagements are generally oriented around strategic planning and project management for hospitals, large doctor networks, pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers. His expertise in the areas of public and private reimbursement, combined with his knowledge of provider operations and management, enables him to bring the perspectives of all components of the health care industry to each client engagement. He has served on a number of Hospital boards and a number of HMO boards and is able to provide real world perspectives on issues of governance.

Mr. Lovett is a graduate of Manhattan College in Riverdale, NY and the Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC.