Ralph Tartaglione, Senior Associate

Mr. Tartaglione is a Senior Associate with Preferred Health Strategies who brings over 30 years of health care information technology and analytics experience to clients including substantial experience in payer and provider systems procurement and contract negotiation, systems implementation, systems development, and quality assurance.  Mr. Tartaglione's healthcare IT career included 6 years with the Trizetto Group as a managing consultant/product specialist implementing Facets, a state of the art managed care system, and over 8 years with UnitedHealth Group/Optum Insight as a data quality specialist developing meta data quality assurance metrics.

 Mr. Tartaglione's health care analytics and research experience was gained at an academic medical center where he was in charge of data collection and analytics for a behavioral health project funded by the National Institutes of Health. As the Director of Research and Evaluation for a large county public health department, he was in charge of all county level public health data collection applied to policy, strategic planning and program evaluation.

 Mr. Tartaglione's consulting engagements are generally working side by side with leaders of major health care delivery organizations on challenging strategic and operational problems to improve quality, reduce costs, and increase access to health care for constituents.  His expertise in payer and provider information technology combined with his knowledge of private and public data acquisition, quality assurance, integration, and analysis support a wide range of projects.  He has served as a senior consultant to federal and state public health organizations including the United States Department of Health and Human Services and the United States Agency for International Development, large private health insurance companies including Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and Kaiser Permanente, and major teaching hospitals.

Mr. Tartaglione is a graduate of Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY and the Yale University School of Medicine, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health in New Haven, CT.

Email: rtartaglione@phsconsult.com